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Download Programs and Support Links to Trial our QHSE Software Solutions.  All our software is TBYB (Try Before You Buy)

Software Downloads (Full Setup)

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: For users who do not have any of our programs already installed.the full instll contains all the required program and runtime files. The compact setup files can be used after at least one full setup has been installed, meaning all the necessary runtime files already exist. Compact setup files are much smaller and hence quicker to download.

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Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment Management Software

TIRA - Health & Safety Risk Assessments
<full install> or <compact install>

Full Install Program's MD5 Checksum. (see below)


Employee Accidents at Work Management Software

AIM - Accident Investigation and Management
<full install> or <compact install>

Full Install Program's MD5 Checksum. (see below)


Documented Information Management Software

DICS - Documented Information Control
<full install> or <compact install>

Full Install Program's MD5 Checksum. (see below)


Staff Attendance and Sickness Trends Management Software

SMART - Addentance & Sickness Trends
<full install> or <compact install>

Full Install Program's MD5 Checksum. (see below)


Our full setup installation files are quite large to download at approximately 280MB. We would recommend using a <download manager> with a resume on broken download feature.

Software Learn More

Want to learn more about our QHSE Business Software, click on the links below to head to each programs summary page.

Software Purchase

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TIRA £89.99AIM £49.99DICS £24.99SMART £29.99
Software Bittorrent Downloads

Some users may have slow or unstable internet connections, for these users we also make our full setup files available as bittorrent files.  It is only necessary to download and install one full setup file, thereafter you can download the much smaller compact setup files.

Software MD5 Checksums

Our full setup files are large and internet connections can often cause issues during the download. We therefore publish MD5 checksums, users can then verify they have a flawless downloaded setup file.

To learn more about how to check a downloaded file is flawless using its <MD5 checksum>, please go to support page on this topic.