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Program developed in a Win 10 64 bit environment as a 32 bit application, this to enables our programs to run on both 32 & 64 bit PCs

Download the programs setup file, for example setup-tira-full.exe from the download page and simply double click to run the windows installer. Check the programs Code Signing Certificate bears our authorised company name.

After successful installation the program will offer a simple log-in box, the default log-in is user name is Guest and pwd is password. It is strongly recommended that you change the ‘Guest’ log-in.

Default installation directory;

“C:\Program Files (x86)\OSL-{program name}\”

For XP - “C:\Program Files\OSL-{program name}” (see notes below)

Note: our program can be moved into an alternative directory and has a self re-connection routine to easily allow users to do so. A typical example would be when the programs data file '####_be' is moved onto a network drive to allow the front end to be placed on numerous user's terminals. Mote: The front end cannot be place on a server.

Network Usage: Our programs have been designed and developed to be multi-user and network efficient. Users may notice a slower than expected performance when connected over a network, depending upon various factors such as the design, configuration, speed, traffic, etc. of the network. (See Example network setup below)

Caution: If you are in a corporate network environment, you should check with your information technology department to determine whether your company has established guidelines concerning enabling content on Access databases. The program also requires read / write access for its parent directory and sub-directories.

For first time use guidance, please go to the getting started section of the programs help file.

XP Users note: Our software will also work in Windows XP however, the user will need to perform some one time initial set-up routines which are managed automatically in newer operating systems, this routine requires the user to locate 2 data containing files using the built-in semi-automated re-linking routine.

not a valid Win32 application

Most “not a valid Win32 application” or “Windows Protected your PC” errors are due to errors in the downloaded file. To ensure you have a flawless download and re-try.

Windows protected your PC

Sample network setup showing our accident management software AIM.

File names and extension may very slightly depending on which version is installed.

sample network setup for Accident Investigation and Managemrnt software AIM