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How to Calculate and Verify MD5 Checksum of On Safe Lines QHSE Software Installation Files


Sometimes you may need to make sure that an installation file was downloaded flawlessly. The best way to authenticate a file is to calculate its checksum and compare it with that of the original one.

The original checksum of an installation file for your product can be checked in on the downloads section of On Safe Lines website

MD5 Checksum


Read the following instructions on using the CheckSum Calculator to calculate the checksum of your download file:

  1. Download the Free CheckSum Calculator and install it:
  2. Run the application:
  3. Browse to the file (where you download the software to on your PC) then click Calculate to generate the MD5 number
MD5 Checksum Calculator

Now you can compare MD5 checksum with the original one from the download page of our website to make sure the files are identical.

Compare MD5 Checksum Values

If Download successful

MD5 Checksum values match

If Download successful

MD5 Checksum values do not match

If the MD5 checksum does not match the codes published on our download page, you will need to download the setup file again. To ensure a flawless download we recommend using a download manager with a resume on disconnection ability.