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TIRA: Your Partner in Conducting Comprehensive Risk Assessments

In the realm of occupational health and safety, thorough risk assessments are the cornerstone of effective hazard management. TIRA - Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment Management Software stands as your indispensable ally in this critical endeavor, offering a robust platform to conduct comprehensive assessments while meticulously documenting both effective controls and areas needing improvement.

With TIRA, the process of risk assessment becomes a streamlined and intuitive journey. Every aspect of your risk management strategy is seamlessly integrated into the software, allowing you to identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks with precision and confidence.

One of the key features of TIRA lies in its ability to record not only the controls that are deemed effective but also areas where improvements are necessary. This dual functionality ensures that no aspect of risk assessment is overlooked, empowering you to address potential hazards comprehensively.

Upon identifying inadequate controls, TIRA enables you to document them systematically, providing a clear record of areas requiring remedial action. Moreover, TIRA facilitates the assignment of specific actions to rectify these deficiencies, ensuring accountability and transparency throughout the process.

What sets TIRA apart is its robust tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor the progress of remedial work in real-time. With detailed records of actions assigned for remediation, including who is responsible and when tasks are due, TIRA ensures that no remedial action falls through the cracks.

By centralizing all risk assessment data within TIRA, your organization gains invaluable insights into its safety performance over time. Trends in control effectiveness and areas of recurring concern become readily apparent, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement in safety protocols.

TIRA covers the following Occupational Health and Hafety risk assessments activities (also see our on line help manual):

- Task Inventory Risk Assessments
- Fire Precautions Management and Fire Risk Assessments
- Task-Based General Risk Assessments
- Hazardous Substances Risk Assessments
- Work Equipment Risk Assessments
- Workplace Risk Assessments
- Manual Handling Risk Assessments
- DSE/VDU Risk Assessments
- First Aid Risk Assessments

In essence, TIRA transcends the traditional boundaries of risk assessment software by not only facilitating thorough assessments but also serving as a dynamic tool for ongoing safety management. With TIRA by your side, you can rest assured that your organization is equipped to navigate the complexities of risk assessment with confidence and precision.

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covers <Task Inventory> Risk Assessments

Fire Call Point Sign

covers <Fire Premises> Risk Assessments

5 x 5 Risk Assessment Matrix

covers <Task Based> General Risk Assessments

Acute toxicity symbol

covers <Hazardous Substances> Risk Assessments

Work Equipment Sign

covers <Work Equipment> Risk Assessments

Workplace Sign

covers <Workplace> Risk Assessments

Manual Handling Technique

covers <Manual Handing> Risk Assessments

DSE Seating Position

covers <DSE / VDU> Risk Assessments

First Aid Green Cross

covers <First Aid> Risk Assessments

Wear PPE MandatorySign

covers <Personal Protective Equipmen> PPE Risk Assessments

In today's fast-changing business environment, it's crucial for every organization to comply with health and safety regulations. TIRA - Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment Management Software helps you meet your ISO 45001:2018 responsibilities with greater ease and efficiency.

TIRA allows for the basis 5 step process of risk assessing to be followed;

5 x 5 Risk Assessment Matrix
  1. Identify the risks
  2. Who can be harmed and how
  3. Evaluate the risk (5x5 risk matrix)
  4. Record the findings
  5. Monitor and Review

TIRA has been meticulously designed to enable risk assessors to undertake a multitude of health and safety risk assessment activities, thereby aiding in compliance with both health and safety regulations and company requirements.

TIRA stands as a one-stop shop for company health and safety risk assessment needs, offering the remarkable advantage of being freeware. Why opt for expensive alternatives when TIRA provides comprehensive solutions at no cost? Explore an independent review of TIRA by Softpedia.com (see below).

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