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In compact mode entire accidents, incidents or near-misses can be entered from a single data entry form.  The quick input mode is at the cost of free flow text boxes.  For relatively simple records this is the most efficient way to enter information.  


Inputting records in compact mode can be found under the Accident, Incident and Near-miss icon.



The following pages will provide an overview of inputting records via the compact mode.



The date refers to the date of the accident, incident or near-miss event, which may be different to the date the report was created.


The employee name is the name of the individual suffering the accident.  Users can select a name from the drop-down box or add a new entry as outlined in the getting started section.



Note: Whilst adding entries in the employee names' table such as 'contractor' or 'visitor' will allow an entry to be made for non employee accidents, it may skew statistical reports. Again the choice here is with the user.


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