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AIM Support - (Site MapAIM > Getting Started >  > Welcome to AIM, the following pages should help you get up and started with the minimum of fuss.

After the initial splash screen and copy-right information is the first screen to load, the screen automatically closes after a few seconds.


On Safe Lines QHSE Software welcome form


Next AIM offers a simple log-in box, the default log-in is user name Guest, and password = password.  It is strongly recommended that you change the ‘Guest’ log-in.


The protection offered in AIM is not sophisticated and whilst it will keep honest people honest, the more determined individual may well find a back-door entry.


Users log-in offers up to three levels of user hierarchy, Administrator, Editor and Read-Only.  At least one user must retain Administration access rights.  Should AIM detect the last user with Administration access is changed the programme with advice the user this is not permitted and cancel the changes.



On Safe Lines QHSE Software logon form


The For first-time installation please go to the Getting Started - Welcome Messages page.




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