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QHSE Support - (Site MapAIM > Import Records >  > The following procedure will allow user to import names into the Locations table via records in a spreadsheet or text file.

Open the Locations input form.




Click on the black star in the new record field.


Next open your preferred import file.


Option 1. Via Spreadsheet.



Right click on the highlighted text and select copy


Option 2. Via Text file.




Right click in the highlighted (blue) text and select copy



Check the white triangle on the black background is still displayed.  Note: this must always the bottom most (new) record. 



Now use the cntr + v keys to paste in your records


AIM offers a yes / on proceed massage box.



As we have not specified the field names in the records being pasted, this warning can be ignored.



Select yes to import your records or no to abandon.



Table shows records successfully pasted into locations table. 


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