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AIM Support - (Site MapAIM > Initial Setting Up >  > Presets for Reports: AIM allows user to adjust the following elements of Risk Assessments Reports.

Logo: Top Left (image) or Slogan (text)

Header: Top Right (text)

Footer: Bottom Centre (text)


Accident Investigation and Management menu ribbon headers and footers button

To edit any of the above to meet your specific criteria, users should click on the 'Report Headers and Footers' button, which can be found in the 'Maintenance Options' tab.


This brings up the Report Pre-sets form. From this screen, users are able to add their own company logo to appear in AIM's reports.  For the best results, images should be as close to the available space offered within the header section allocated for the Logo or Slogan (top-right).  Users may choose to display a Logo or a Slogan but not both.  The Logo image box can hold more than one image. However, it is only the first image that is used in AIM's reports.


Accident Investigation and Management report presets form


Users are able to experiment with logos, slogans, headers and footers and click on the preview report to review their results for suitability.


Accident Investigation and Management example report header



Accident Investigation and Management example report footer




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