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Security Levels / Hierarchy


DICS offers 3 Security User Levels (Administrator, Editor, Reader)


User security levels are set from the 'user account' button which can be found in the Program Options ribbon.



Administrator - Full Read / Write Access; Set program variables; Add and remove users; Set user access levels


For system administrator


Editor - Full Read / Write Access


For system users (risk assessors, health and safety staff etc)


Reader - Read Access Only


For interested parties (i.e. general staff)




Deleting a user


To delete a user select the small black triangle next to the user's name so the it turns white.



You are not permitted to delete the user that is currently logged in.



Note: At least, one user must maintain 'Administrator' privileges; DICS will not allow the last user with administrator privileges to be deleted.  Should you require to delete the last user with administrator privileges it will be necessary to transfer administration privileges onto a new or existing user first.






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