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DICS : Import to Documentation Types Table


The following procedure will allow user to import documentation types codes and description via records in a spreadsheet or text file.


Format layout of import files. (example use here is a csv file)



Note: if importing using comma delimited, your data to import should not contain comma's inside any text record. (the import procedure will recognise the comma within your text as a new field pointer, which would normally result in a failed import request)


Table to import records to. (the procedure uses the append method, therefore existing records will be added to, within the constraints of the Short ID remaining unique)



Open the input text form from the Data Tables menu.



This loads the External Data input form.



Browse to the location of your import form on 'your PC'.



Select the type of file you will be importing.



Select the options to match your import file.



DICS confirms the import table.



Records successfully imported.



Job done in a fraction of the time of doing each record individually, enjoy a well earned coffee break...




On Safe Lines QHSE Software Help file v5.0.09 : Copyright © 2019 Brian G. Welch

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