Step 1 - Adding to Locations Table


The first data users should add is their Employees Location or into the locations table.


The Locations table is available via the Data Tables tab. 


Staff Training and Records System Menu Locations


Simply add the locations into the locations table.


Staff Training and Records System Locations Form


Careful consideration of the location structure in the early stages will prevent this table having to be reworked at a later stage; example which is a better, table 1 or table 2.


Table 1


Table 2

CHD : Ground Floor Offices
CHD : Workshop A
CHD : Workshop B
CHD : Maintenance Workshop
THD : Shopfloor
THD : Dispatch Dept
THD : Stores
THD : Planners Offers

Note: Image from our Accident Investigation and Management program, however the principle is the same.

Accidents Location Form

This is the only time you need to enter Location names, STARS will use the information entered here throughout the entire application.  This allows for efficiency of operation and accuracy of data.  All changes made to this table will be cascaded to all related records, allowing for one-time edit and updates.