Step 5 -Adding Reports To


Next users should add is the various Management, Supervisors from whom employees Report To in the Reports To


Staff Training and Records System Menu Managers



Reports To Table (also refer to STARS's concept diagram for a basic design input layout)


The greyed out 'full details' section is information pulled from the Staff Details table.  It makes sense that some employees that exist in the staff details table will be managers, supervisors etc and it is therefore not necessary to duplicate these records, merely add more specific data around their role.  The full details section updates automatically when the name selected from the drop-down box changes.  The details section will only show as much data as has been entered into the respective staff details record.


Simply add the various Managers and Supervisors for your company structure.


Staff Training and Records System Managers Form



Note : This is the only time you need to enter the various Managers, Supervisors, STARS will use the information entered here throughout the entire application.  This allows for efficiency of operation and accuracy of data.  All changes made to this table will be cascaded to all related records, allowing for one-time edit and updates.