STARS - Booking Bulk Training Requests - By Role


STARS works on the principle that the training department will arrange courses and managers and supervisors will put forward staff to attend.


To create a new training request select the 'Training Requests' button from the top menu ribbon.




To initially create a training request to go Create New Training Request


Bulk entry procedure.


To enabled staff to be quickly placed onto a course STARS allows groups of staff to be entered via the 'Group' drop-down box



Types of staff groups STARS uses.


Role                     Staff with specialist skills or responsibilities,          

Team                    Staff allocated to function together, typically as an autonomous unit,

Grade                    As set out by the hierarchical organisational structure.


Each organisation will have the flexibility to chose how they to designate staff to roles, teams and grades depending on how they intent to use STARS.


Example Bulk Role entry.




Clicking on the 'Fill Request' button will populate the right-hand staff entry list.  Before staff names are booked onto the training course a massage box will appear to verify that the required action is correct. 




Clicking yes enters all staff listed with the role 'Production Planner' onto the training course.


Staff can be verified as being correctly booked by viewing of staff details table.


Staff Name

Looking back to the staff table we can see that the program correctly booked the 4 staff with the role 'Production Planner' on the training course.



Staff can be booked onto a training course using multiple roles, teams and grades.  However, where the same individual is mistakenly attempted to be added to the same training course twice the program will the user.



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