STARS - Sample Network Set-up


The diagrams show a 5 user set-up STARS's data file STARS_be.accdb.



Note: Whilst the dictionary can also be placed on the server it is best to locate this file locally with each copy of the STARS_fe.accde (front-end file).  This will ensure the program speed is not slowed by unnecessary spell checking over a network environment.


We have been ask which is the best way to set STARS up to work over a company network.  Please note, before you decide to implement a network strategy, each machine the application is setup upon shall require a separate licence.


To help new users we have just run a simulated 5 user setup to a shared data file STARS_be.accdb.


Firstly we installed STARS fives times, 4 PC and 1 Laptop.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is always best to get the application successfully running on your local machine(s) before networking the user data containing files.


We then moved one of the files STARS_be.accdb to a new central server location and deleted any local copies that existed in the 5 installations.  (It's recommended to leave the dictionary.accdb file on the local PC, this to reduce network traffic, and also to make the dictionary words entered by the user unique to that user)


We then opened each program in turned, each time the program successfully identified that its data containing file had moved and offered the relinking routine.


Using the locate file routine, each program successfully relinked to the new centrally located STARS_be.accdb file.


We then opened all three STARS programs from their respective PCs.  To test the network setup, We opened the same record on each PC and tried to edit it simultaneously, STARS then returned the correct write conflict warning:



Most new user have problems setting up STARS where there are read / write privileges issues over their network setup.


STARS needs to read / write privileges for both its parents and sub-directories on the local PC as well as to the network directory.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.