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SMART will automatically place an employee on to sickness monitoring when a stage indicator in a attendance matrix is set, as shown in steps 0 to 5 above.


Prior to SMART v6, checking the on monitoring check-box on the main form next to the number of days six was a manual operation.



From SMART v6 the program automatically sets the monitoring check-box if the employee has been placed on sickness monitoring i,e, any of the monitoring codes listed above.



To view the list of staff there are currently on sickness monitoring, In the main ribbon select employee monitoring and choose the option being monitored.



This brings a performer listing all the current employees on sickness monitoring.  From here you can select a brief or detailed sickness monitoring report.



Brief details report.



Full details report.



Highlighted insert shown below (circled red)



By clicking on the names in the this box, you can bring up the individuals 52 week attendance record.  This report gives an overview of all sickness and reasons for absenteeism for the previous 52 weeks.





You will note that the week ending dates are blue, this is to give a positive indication that the employee is on sickness monitoring. For employees not on sickness monitoring, the week ending dates will be black.




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