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IMPORTANT NOTE : When creating the initial matrix(s) SMART uses the system date from the PC's bios.  If this date is incorrect, SMART will produce matrix's relative to the PC date but not relative to the current date.


For set-up to be able to produce the initial employee matrix it makes sense that at least one employee should exist in the staff details file.  If you have not done this yet, you should close the 'employee attendance matrix' form and populate your staff details file first.  (see getting started pages 1 to 4 for further help).


Set-up does not require all employees details to be entered first off, additional employees can be added (or deleted) at a later stage, however as explained earlier it does require at least one employee to exist to allow the initial matrix to be produced.  When the setup button is click it first checks for the existence of employees in the staff details file, if employee(s) are located the program generates the initial matrix's and then offers the user the option of proceeding or exiting.



This message is simply saying that until you have at least one employee in the SMART employees file, you will be unable to create a matrix.  The massage box offer you the option of opening up the staff table.  


Here we have quickly the details for a single employee.



We will now be able to create our first employee matrix.


The first time you load up the smarts "update employees attendance" matrix you will see that it is blank, however across the top will be a button marked the Initial Setup.  (this is the one and only time this button is presented to the user)





SMART now verifies the initial matrix(s) have been generated.





The program will automatically created a new matrix for each employee in the employee's details file. Additional employee matrix's can be created using the 'new employee button' as explained on the add new employee page.



Please Note: this video was created in an earlier version of SMART, however the principle is the same. Also you will need to be internet connected for the support video to load.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this video was created the 1 to 52 weeks have been reversed, with week one now being the most current and week 52 being the oldest.


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