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The check-box is a semi-automated system and cannot be manually set.  The check-box is set positive by the system when a trend analysis is run and a sickness trend found, read on...


The check-box is used by SMART to indicate where employees have been off sick twice in a 13-week period.  The check-box may be checked dependent upon the user's last trend investigation, i.e. current 13-weeks or any 13-weeks over a 52-week span (further details). 


From the user point of view, it is a visual indication that a sickness trend has been identified for this individual.


Let's work through how the check-box gets checked.


In the example below we can see the employee has two occurrences of sickness within a 13-week period, in this case in weeks 2 and 9.


We can also see the  check-box are all unchecked.  This will because the user is yet to run the 13-week trend finding analysis.



From the main ribbon select Standard Trends and them 13 Weeks Trends



From the 13 Weeks Trends Form select the Analysis Records button.



Confirm you wish to run analysis and update the matrices



SMART will display any trends found.




Tip: Double clicking on the individuals name will open up their attendance matrix.


We can now see that SMART has identified the trend and updated the check-box accordingly.



Only week 3 is checked as it takes at least two occurrences to create a trend, week 9 on its own is not a trend.



Lets add an additional days sickness to week 1 for this individual and examine how the analysis reports back.



We can see that the analysis has found two trends.  Trend one relates to week 3 sickness and the original sickness in week 9 (explained above).  The second trend relates to the sickness in week 1 occurring within 13 weeks of the sickness in week 3.  As shown in the image below.


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