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One of SMART's major features is its ability to manage employees on sickness monitoring.  Smart manages and employee's sickness disciplinary record from informal warning, right through to dismissal and even employment tribunal.


Each company an organisation will have a different way of managing and employee's sickness disciplinary actions. SMART uses a six stage step by default, to manage this process.


The default codes are set as;


0 – informal (recorded verbal!)

1 – stage I

2 – stage II

3 – dismissal – pre-appeal

4 – dismissal – final

5 – employment tribunal


To change these settings, go to the company structure tab and select option five "monitoring codes".


SMART will automatically place an employee on to sickness monitoring when a stage indicator in a attendance matrix is set, as shown in steps 0 to 5 above.


Prior to SMART v6, checking the on monitoring check-box on the main form next to the number of days six was a manual operation.



From SMART v6 the program automatically sets the monitoring check-box if the employee has been placed on sickness monitoring i,e, any of the monitoring codes listed above.





In the image below we can see how SMART uses monitoring codes from stage 1 'informal' through to stage 4 'dismissal - final'.


Please note: the employee matrix shown below has been placed in filtered mode, as shown in the week number column on the left.  This mode allows for only those weeks with entries to be shown.


Examining the matrix for the employee below, we can see they were first placed on in stage 1 week ending 18-Apr.  This sets SMART's sickness monitoring into action as shown by the number 52 in the column headed 'Mtr' (i.e. once monitoring has started, it works by counting down from monitoring weeks 52 to go, down to monitoring weeks 1 left).  Should the employee go 52 weeks without any other sickness disciplinary action, monitoring will automatically cease. 


Further examining the matrix we can quickly extrapolate the following data.


Week No          W/E          Monitoring Stage          Monitoring Weeks To Go          

52                    13-Jun-15          0                              0

45                    01-Aug-15          1                              7

33                    24-Oct-15          2                              19

25                    19-Dec-15          2                              27

12                    19-Mar-16          3                              40

10                    02-Apr-16          4                              42

01                    04-Jun-16          5                              52          


Following the example below, it can be seen that SMART can manage and employees sickness from initial informal stage 1, to stage 4 an final dismissal decision upheld.  It also recorded the results of an Employee Tribunal.





Often employees will fake a day's sickness.  They will fall foul of a well managed sickness monitoring system, when they need to take a day off when they are actually sick!!!   Effectively, employees risk losing their jobs by taking fake days off sick...


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