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Matrix Re-initialization - Weekly roll-over... (page 1)


Each Sunday the after the the matrix have been updated it will be time to introduce a new week onto the matrix and drop the oldest week.


This is done by moving all weeks down one, i.e 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3 etc., whilst week 52 is removed and archived.


From the main ribbon select the Run Weekly Roll-over button.



The re-initialise from give key information about the update roll-over about to occur.


System Date -                     The date of your PC. (modern windows operating systems ensure this is always correct)

Matrix Date -                    The date is taken from week one of the current staff matrix - i.e. the last date the system was roll-over.

Weeks to Update -           Number of weeks since the last roll-over.


Note: If there has not been a week since the last roll-over the form will display zero an the update button will be dis-enabled.




Click the Update button and the program will just confirm you wish to proceed.



Depending on the number of staff matrices to update, which could one to many thousands, a progress bar gives a positive visual image SMART re-initialising the matrices.



At this stage all changes are held in memory and no changes to the matrices have been made.



Clicking yes commits changes to disk.



Please Note: this video was created in an earlier version of SMART, however the principle is the same. Also you will need to be internet connected for the support video to load.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this video was created the 1 to 52 weeks have been reversed, with week one now being the most current and week 52 being the oldest.






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