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One of the unique features of SMART is that although it is fundamentally a database application it looks and feels like a spreadsheet to many users.  Each matrix making use of columns and rows to except user data.  This provides the best of both worlds, easy data inputting associated with spreadsheets and the power of complex data analysis provided by database applications.


Updating the matrix is a simple case of entering your absenteeism codes into the correct cell.


The matrix list 52 weeks with the most recent week being at the top.  The week ending date is given in the W/E column with the Sun to Sat dates for that week position to the left. (as shown below)


Week 1 (newest week) means it will be 52 weeks before it drops off the matrix.  Whereas Week 52 (oldest week) only has one week before it drops off the matrix. Any 'sickness' records in week 52 will not be lost, they are transferred into the individual's attendance archive.  Note only sickness records are archived,



Creating a list of sickness and absenteeism code will allow you to use SMART not just to manage sickness and sickness trends and patterns, but also to record things like annual leave and training days.  Whilst it is important to ensure that only the starting letter S issued to be called sickness, the same principle can be applied to other types of leave  and absenteeism.  For example you could use the letter A two recalled the various types of leave entitlement, this could be Annual leave (AL), unpaid leave (, bank holiday least, maternity leave etc.


Sample Codes for consideration: (You have A-Z, AA-ZZ to AAA-ZZZ build your sets from)


SMART offers the ability to create an incredible 18,278 unique matric codes.


S             Reserved for Sickness


          S          Sickness, no Dr note

          SN          Sickness, Dr note

          SLT          Long-term Sickness

          SUP          Sickness, Unpaid

          SBH          Sickness, Bank Holiday

          SRD          Sickness, Rest Day


L           Types of Leave


          LAE          Annual Leave Entitlement

          LUP          Leave Unpaid

          LIU          Leave In Lieu

          LHD          Leave 1/2 day

          L2          Leave 2 hours

          L4          Leave 4 hours

          LBH          Bank Holiday Leave

          LM          Maternity Leave

          LPO          Leave Post Operation

          LCM          Compassionate Leave


T          Trainng


          TRN          Training Course

          TRX          External Training Course

          TDR          Training Day Release

          TID          Training Induction Day


M          Medicals and Appointments


          MED           Company Medical

          MDA          Drugs and Alcohol Screening

          MHA          Hospital Appointment

          MDA          Dentist Appointment


W          Working


          WA          Working Away

          WH          Working from Home

          WBH          Working Bank Holiday


and so on and so on...


Letter Usage: With the exception of S which is solely reserved for sickness, letters may you be used for more than one criteria.


Please Note: this video was created in an earlier version of SMART, however the principle is the same. Also you will need to be internet connected for the support video to load.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this video was created the 1 to 52 weeks have been reversed, with week one now being the most current and week 52 being the oldest.


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