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Review of what the weekly roll-over actually does...


1. Pre-roll-over


Before we run the matrix re-initialisation roll-over we can see several weeks have entries.



At the bottom of the matrix it's worth noting the sickness in week 52 which will drop off the updated matrix.



It worth just clicking on the History Button and checking this employees attendance history, here we can see it's current empty.




2. Post roll-over


Now lets see what happens after we run the re-initialisation roll-over.


We can see that the previous entries have more down one week (or the number of weeks to roll-over), and a new week one has been created.



We can also see the sickness in week 52 (oldest week) has dropped of the matrix.



Looking the the employees historical attendance we can see that the week 52 record is not lost, it has now moved to the employees archived attendance records.



Please Note: this video was created in an earlier version of SMART, however the principle is the same. Also you will need to be internet connected for the support video to load.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this video was created the 1 to 52 weeks have been reversed, with week one now being the most current and week 52 being the oldest.


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