45001:2018 Elements Matrix

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ISO 45001:2018 Clauses


TIRA as an Occupational Health and Safety Management System can help to provide evidence for meeting various parts ISO 45001:2018.


45001:2018 Elements


4 Context of the organization


4.1 Understanding the organization and its context

4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of workers and other interested parties

4.3 Determining the scope of the OH&S management system

4.4 OH&S management system

5 Leadership and worker participation


5.1 Leadership and commitment


5.3 Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities


5.4 Consultation and participation of workers

6 Planning


6.1 Actions to address risks and opportunities

6.1.1 General

6.1.2 Hazard identification and assessment of risks and opportunities

6.1.3 Determination of legal requirements and other requirements

6.1.4 Planning action

6.2 OH&S objectives and planning to achieve them

6.2.1 OH&S objectives

6.2.2 Planning to achieve OH&S objectives

7 Support


7.1 Resources

7.2 Competence

7.3 Awareness

7.4 Communication

7.4.1 General

7.4.2 Internal communication

7.4.3 External communication

7.5 Documented information

7.5.1 General

7.5.2 Creating and updating

7.5.3 Control of documented information


8 Operation 


8.1 Operational planning and control

8.1.1 General

8.1.2 Eliminating hazards and reducing OH&S risks

8.1.3 Management of change

8.1.4 Procurement

8.2 Emergency preparedness and response

9 Performance evaluation


9.1 Monitoring, measurement, analysis and performance evaluation

9.1.1 General

9.1.2 Evaluation of compliance

9.2 Internal audit

9.2.1 General

9.2.2 Internal audit programme

9.3 Management review

10 Improvement


10.1 General

10.2 Incident, nonconformity and corrective action

10.3 Continual improvement



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