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TIRA - Sample Network Setup



The diagrams show a 5 user set-up TIRA's data file TIRA_be.accdb.


Firstly, install TIRA on the requires number of PCs and Laptops, sample set-up shown below;



TIRA Risk Assessment software example network setup



Moved one of the files TIRA_be.accdb to a new central server location and delete any local copies that exist in the 5 local installations.  (It's recommended to leave the dictionary.accdb file on the local PC, this to reduce network traffic, and also to make the dictionary words entered by the user unique to that user)


Open each program in turn, run the relink program and check the programs successfully re link to its data container TIRA_be.accdb on the server.


Default installation Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 will be:


          C:\Program Files (x86)\On Safe Lines QHSE Software\Task Inventory and Risk Assessments.


Default installation Windows XP is will Probably be:


          C:\Program Files\On Safe Lines QHSE Software\Task Inventory and Risk Assessments.


XP Users please note:  Our software will also work in Windows XP however, the user will need to perform some one time initial set-up routines which are managed automatically in later operating systems, this routine requires the user to locate files 2 & 3 (see above) using the built-in semi-automated re-linking routine.

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