STARS - Staff Training and Records System software

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STARS - Staff Training System
Staff Training and Records software

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Staff Trainng and Records
Management Software

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Please NOTE: STARS was developed to manage the training requirements in a working environment. Getting to know the program and how it manages your companies training records and requests can be somewhat daunting to begin with, but the program is well worth sticking with whilst you get to grips with how it manages training, and the more records it holds the easier managing staff training becomes.

STARS stands for Staff training and records system software program and is a comprehensive employee staff training management program.

STARS allows organisations to manage staff historical, current and future training records efficiently and effectively.  STARS works on the principle that the training or responsible department will arrange courses and managers and supervisors will put forward staff to attend.

STARS uses the concept that when courses are arranged or become available, requests from various sources will be received to place staff upon them, these requests can come from, managers, supervisors, training department, even automated via refresher time periods. This basically means, for example, when a first aid course becomes available staff can be requested to be booked onto the course.  This, for the most part is the more efficient way to organise training in many organisations.  STARS whilst being flexible in how organisations may wish to use its many features, is not a catch all program and may not suit everybody.  It's best to download the program and run the fully functional trial to see if it fits your requirements or can be adapted to do so. 

Thinking outside the box STARS could be used for a number of other activities that need bookings, records and tracking etc,.  Users should feel free to see if they can use STARS to meet their particular needs.