Why has the program loaded the relinking routine form?

The relinking routine only appears on non standard installations, i.e. network, cloud or for XP pre SR2. 

The program expects to find your data (records) on in the default installation directory on C: Drive, for example;

C:\Program Files (x86)\On Safe Lines QHSE Software\<program name>

If not found, the semi-automatic relinking routine is loaded to assist the user in locating the source of the data containing files. (i.e. not every PC will have a C: drive), for example;

C:\Program Files\On Safe Lines QHSE Software\<program name>, or
D:\Program Files (x86)\On Safe Lines QHSE Software\<program name>

or it might be that the data containing file was moved to a network or cloud location, for example. 

\\Server\Data\<program name> 

(you may also like to see our article on Network Environment)

Here is a link on how to use the semi-automatic relinking routine for our TIRA application (the principle is the same for all our programs).  It's a little dated now compared to the current program relinkers, however the process is the same. (hosted in YouTube).



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