Can On Safe Lines Programs be Used Over a Network or in the Cloud

The quick answer is yes. That said, much will depend on how your company network or cloud is set-up as to how well the program will function.  Each of our programs were developed on a standalone system, but were programmed and designed to be network friendly.  However, we are unable to do extensive testing in all network and cloud environments.

Basically, all you need to do is have a copy of the program on each user’s terminal (#####.accde file).  This can be achieved running the standard setup file to install the program on each machine.  The installation will link the program to your back-end data container file for each PC it is installed on.  What you need to do then is to move one of the ####_be.accdb back-end files to a network or cloud location where all users can access it, and then delete all the local ####_be.accdb files.  When you start the program it will warn you that the back end file has moved and prompt you to help it locate where the file has been moved to (your IT may need to do this).  Simply do this on each machine the program is installed on and run some tests to see how the program performs from the various locations and with different users accessing the program at the same time, etc.

Please ensure that the program has full read / write permissions for the directory the front-end and back-end files have been moved to otherwise you will receive error messages and the program will not function correctly.

Sample network map for our TIRA program, the principle will be the same for all our QHSE software solutions.


Sample Network Map