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AIM Support - (Site MapAIM > Getting Started >  > Note: v9 AIM is installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\OSL-AIM\Data

AIM has a user-friendly re-linking program that will automatically detect if either of AIM's data file or dictionary file has been moved and assist the user in rethinking to their data. 

You will find an example of a typical AIM network environment on the following support page.


It is recommended that the dictionary data file remains local to AIM's front-end graphical user interface. Networking the dictionary file may cause the program to slow when a spell checking operations is requested.


When loading AIM automatically reconnects to its data, where this data has been moved or connection has been lost AIM will display a warning notice explaining what will happen next.





Next AIM opens the user friendly reconnection utility, in the example below it can be seen that neither the data file or the dictionary file can be located.  AIM also indicates the location of where it last successfully found these files.



Video showing the semi-automatic re-linking utility in practice.


Please allow a few seconds for the video to load (dependant on your download speed)







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