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AIM Support - (Site MapAIM > Trend Finding >  > The Trend analysis options are available via the trend ribbon.

Drill Down Trend Analysis allows you to filter records by multiple criteria to enable you to interrogate your accident record-set to your specific investigation requirements. 



Initially the Drill down form opens displaying all records in your record-set.



After selecting your required criteria the record-set refreshes with the results of your drill down search.  In the example below two criteria were used; first Type was set to 'incident' and second Category was set to 'ASSAULT - by staft', this analysis returned 2 records from the original record-set of 249.



IMPORTANT NOTE:  The dropdown boxes sort on a numerical / alphabetical order.  Using a special character  @&#([ etc., at the beginning of a field names, for example (RE) or #RE- may cause the drill-down search to return incomplete records... 


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