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DICS - Documented Information General Search


DICS has several ways to allow document controllers to find a documented information for updating / issuing, etc.


To be able to find the records you need when the boss is breathing down your neck is something many of us are only too familiar with.  DICS offers numerous ways to try to make the process as efficient as possible, (more time for that well deserved coffee).


General Search Method



Opens the search options menu






Will load the general documented information search box.


The search box offers the user four options when searching for specific documents


1.By Reference Number (part or whole)

2.By Document Type, selected from the drop-down combo box

3.By Document Description (a partial string entry)

4.Between specific dates



Here the document controller has selected ESMP from the down-down menu.



The search criteria has been further narrowed by adding a date range.



The search has returned 6 records matching the filter criteria.


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