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Adding Hyperlinks


Also see Adding Attachments (Images and Picture)


DICS offers users the facility to add hyperlinks (such as e-mail and web addresses) to your risk assessment.


Hyperlinks provide single-click access to Web pages through a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or to files through a name in UNC (universal naming convention) format.


Used for storing links to files on:

your computer (a file name);

a network (a UNC name);

the internet (a URL address).

A hyperlink entry contains three parts separated by hash signs (#). The template is:

    display text # file name # any reference within the file


Clicking the the Image button across the top of any of DICS's risk modules will will up the Image and Hyper-link form.


Some examples may help show how this works:

Hyperlink Contents


When Clicked

My Photo #C:\MyPic\pic.bmp#

My photo

Loads picture into graphics package

SS DICS#DICS.xls#Sheet 1!C7


Loads spreadsheet into Excel, selecting cell C7.

Do DICS#\\bgw\pub\DICS.doc#


Loads the network document into word processor.



Loads your web browser and opens the URL.

Loads your web browser, assuming prefix of "http://".







To add links click on the Open Link Manager button

Select the type of link to create, file, web-page, email address etc

Adjust the Link Description to suite

In the example below you can see the hyperlink description is different to the link address




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