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DICS : Issuing Documented Information


Once the document controller has entered all the locations the document is to be issued, the date of Issue should be entered in the date field at the top right-hand side. In the example shown this is the 16th Feb 2016.



To issue the new document is simply a case of clicking on the 'Issue Document' button.  This action will bring up the following final check and confirmation screen.




The program also allows for a issue documentation to be previewed before issue. The six sheets match the number of document holders recorded in the form above.



The following button allows the document controller to print a physical copy of the controlled documentation issue.





The program will also do a check on the documentation being issued to ensure sufficient time is given by the document controller for holders to return their acknowledgement slips.



In the example above the documented Information was recorded as being issued on the 17-Mar-16, however the PC bios is showing the date to be 25-Mar-16.  If issued under these condition the documented Information owner would not have sufficient acknowledgement time...  There may, however, be several sound reasons why this sense check can be ignored.  Much will depend on how the document controller elects to use this feature.






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