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Entering Hazards and Concerns


Number: This is a numerical reference to the hazard.  Frequently this number will be the same as the question it relates to from the risk assessment form.  Where one question raises several concerns the hazard number can be broken down.  For example, should question 3.1 have 4 areas of concern, they could be referenced 3.11, 3.12, 3.13 and 3.14 or 3.1a, 3.1b, 3.1c and 3.1d. The hazard reference to usually used to refer to any action number given in the action tabs.


Important: The hazard number is used both in the ‘Action’ and the ‘Staff Briefed’ tabs to associate hazards against remedial actions and staff awareness briefings.


Hazard Details: Once the task has been divided into logically steps a complete list of the operation being risk assessed can be produced. This will develop in to a comprehensive inventory of all aspects relating to this specific task.


Persons at Risk: Each activity element must be analysed to prepare for identifying all the hazards involved.  Sources or situations with a potential for harm, in terms of human injury or ill health or a combination of these must be recorded.  This may youll mean that some tasks will require to be broken down further into component elements and recorded as a separate activity line within the General Risk Assessment break-down.


Existing Controls: Identification of existing controls.   For example, but not limited to  workplace precautions, such as physical safeguards, containment of airborne contaminants and noise, safe systems of work, competency and training, and personal protective equipment.  Any additional controls considered necessary should also be detailed here.


Risk Rating: TIRA as a risk management program offers quantitative assessment rating where the risk assessor gives the hazard or concern a numerical value that fails into one of three categories, Low, Medium and High Risk. 


Assessors may need to seek further information or guidance from health and safety services if they are unable to decide whether the risk is adequately controlled or not.  

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