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Depending on which version of TIRA you are using the programme offers up to three levels of password protected access.




Add and Edit Users and Passwords

Full Read / Write privileges




Full Read / Write privileges


Read Only


Read Only privileges


To add new users go to the admin and support ribbon (top left) and click on the 'user login accounts' icon.  From the user input form simply click the add new user button and fill in the new user name and password, verify the password and the new user will be available from the login screen next time the programme is restarted.



To change an existing name or password simply type the new details over the existing.  Changes will not take place until the programme is re-started.  Note - please ensure you remember your password as there is no password retrieval system.  Licence holders who lose their passwords should contact On Safe Lines for assistance. 



Note : At least one user must retain Administration access rights.  Should TIRA detect the last user with Administration access is changed the programme will advise the user this is not permitted and cancel the changes.

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