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Also see Adding Hyperlinks (E-mail and Web address)


TIRA offers users the facility to add images and pictures to your risk assessment.


Use for storing binary files (that is, files that you cannot read by using a text editor), such as digital images (photos and graphics).

You can attach more than one file per record to an Attachment field.  For compressed attachments, 2 gigabytes. For uncompressed attachments, approximately 700kb, depending on the degree to which the attachment can be compressed.

Note The maximum size for any database file is 2 gigabytes.

Clicking the the Image button across the top of any of TIRA's risk modules will will up the Image and Hyper-link form.


Double clicking on the image area or clicking on add + / - Attachment brings up the attachment dialog box shown below


Note: Attachment stored by TIRA are not available to print within the associated risk assessment.  To print images and pictures, etc. users need to click on the 'open' button (see above) and TIRA will open the programme associated with the file type stored where it should be possible to print from.

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