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SMART - Staff Absenteeism
Sickness Monitoring and Absenteeism software

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Attendance, Sickness Management and Trend finding Software

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Introducing SMART - your strategic ally in managing employee absenteeism, attendance, and trend analysis. SMART, short for Sickness Monitoring and Absenteeism Records and Trends, isn't just another HR software; it's an intelligent system designed to revolutionise how you handle workforce health.

Imagine a tool that not only simplifies the cumbersome task of tracking sickness and attendance but also empowers you with deep insights into patterns and trends. That's precisely what SMART offers. With its advanced algorithms and user-friendly interface, SMART transforms complex data into actionable intelligence.

Gone are the days of tedious data entry. SMART's intuitive design, resembling a familiar spreadsheet layout, ensures seamless user experience while capturing crucial information effortlessly. From initial sickness reports to dismissal appeals, SMART keeps a comprehensive record, allowing you to navigate employee health journeys with clarity and precision.

SMART is more than just a recorder; it's a strategic partner in risk management. By identifying patterns such as prolonged absences or recurring sickness episodes, SMART enables proactive intervention, reducing organisational vulnerabilities and ensuring business continuity.

But here's the kicker: SMART doesn't cost thousands of pounds; it's actually a Freeware program. So, you're not just managing data; you're unlocking the power of informed decision-making without breaking the bank.

Key features of SMART include:
- Easy setup and maintenance
- Comprehensive records and trend analysis
- Intelligent identification of sickness patterns
- Detailed statistics and reports
- Historical data preservation
- Streamlined disciplinary monitoring
- Customizable alerts and notifications

With SMART, you're not just managing data; you're unlocking the power of informed decision-making. Experience the difference with SMART - where innovation meets efficiency.

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