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Attached Report to for E-mail


The methods outline here can be used on for following file formats:





RFT (Word)

XLS (spreadsheets)

XLM (In report view only, export not available in print preview mode)




IMPORTANT NOTE: There are many different e-mail clients available for windows, from Outlook to free versions such as Thunderbird.  We cannot guarantee that our export attachment e-mail facility will work for all e-mail clients.


First open the report you wish to email and then select the 'Send as Email' menu icon.



Select your preferred attachment type from the available list.



Note: Snapshot format is dated, and generally not used now.  However, search the internet and you should still be able to find the .snp viewer program.  This program would need to be installed on all PCs you email ,snp files to.


Click OK, and with a compatible email client your report will be loaded as an attachment ready to be sent.




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