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Install Guide


Program developed in a Win 10 64 bit environment as a 32 bit application, this to enables our programs to run on both 32 & 64 bit PCs


TIRA comes in two installation files:



approximately 280mb


approximately 18mb


The full set-up file contains all the necessary runtime files to allow TIRA to function on the installed PC.


The compact fill contains only the program and is ideal for updating TIRA if you have a previous version installed.


Download the programs setup file, for example setup-tira-full.exe from the <download page> and simply double click to run the windows installer. Check the programs <Code Signing Certificate> bears our authorised company name, "On Safe Lines QHSE Software Ltd".


Code Signing Certificate

TIRA Software Code Signing Certificate


Why Sign our Application?


As a software publisher, there are three good reasons to sign our applications:


1.To prove its Integrity

2.To develop our Reputation

3.Trust our code to protect yours


Bad things can happen to code when it’s distributed on-line. It can be hacked before it reaches the customer, stolen by another developers, or just never get installed because the “Unidentified Publisher” warning scares off our customers. Fortunately, a Code Signing Certificate makes it easy to protect our program  and our customers from these and other issues.


Digitally signing our code helps to ensure that it cannot be tampered with, either on your servers, or when it is being downloaded to a user’s computer, especially over an insecure protocol like HTTP or FTP. This provides the user the confidence of knowing that the program they’ve just downloaded is the same one that we released.


On Safe Lines QHSE Software Ltd code signature provides and our customers with:


Secure software with the same industry-standard encryption used for SSL Certificates, making it impossible for others to alter our code.

Acts as a digital ‘safety seal’ to show customers that our code has not been tampered with in any way

Display our company’s name, instead of “Unidentified Publisher,” during installation, so customers know we are a legitimate software developer.

Includes a time-stamp so customers know that our code went through the verification process.


After successful installation the program will offer a simple log-in box, the default log-in is user name is Guest and pwd is password. It is strongly recommended that you change the ‘Guest’ log-in.


Default installation directory;


“C:\Program Files (x86)\On Safe Lines QHSE Software\Task Inventory and Risk Assessments ”


For XP - “C:\Program Files (x86)\On Safe Lines QHSE Software\Task Inventory and Risk Assessments ” (see notes below)


Note: our program can be moved into an alternative directory and has a self re-connection routine to easily allow users to do so. A typical example would be when the programs data file '####_be' is moved onto a network drive to allow the front end to be placed on numerous user's terminals. Mote: The front end cannot be place on a server.


Known Installation Failure Errors, normally caused by an error when downloading the set-up file, see our<MD5 checksum> guide.


Known Installation Failure not valid Win32 application


not a valid Win32 application


Windows Protected your PC error


Most “not a valid Win32 application” or “Windows Protected your PC” errors are due to errors in the downloaded file. To ensure you have a flawless download please see the guidance on MD5 checksum.






On Safe Lines QHSE Software Help file v7.1.03 : Copyright © 2003-2019 On Safe Lines QHSE Software Ltd

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