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Select the 'Manual Handling' from the available Risk Assessment types



Manual Handling Risk Assessment


TIRA has been designed to be modular, in this we mean if you learn how to input records into the Manual Handling module the principles are appropriately the same for all the other risk assessment types covered by the application.  This will greatly increase the speed at which new user can become accustomed to and prolific in managing their risk assessment responsibilities via TIRA.




TIRA initially generates a unique reference ID which may be changed now or later to match your own referencing convention..


Header Tab


Manual Handling Reference No: Unique identification allocated to the risk assessment (duplicate Ref IDs are not permitted)

Location / Site: Identifies where the Manual Handling risk assessment applies to

Task Being Assessed: Records details of task being Manual Handling assessed

Assessor One and Two: Records the details of the any individuals assisting in the risk assessment process, typically the employee undertaking the task, a supervisor and or team leader etc this will vary from company to company


Date: Manual Handling assessment undertaken on


Time: Manual Handling assessment undertaken at


Review Date: Date the Manual Handling risk assessment should be reviewed for accuracy and continuing suitability.


Review Not Required: Prevents the programme from placing the Manual Handling assessment on the overdue remainder report after its review date is past.  Typically used where staff are on short-term contracts or for one off tasks not likely to be repeated.


Navigation Bar: (bottom left) Provides the following ways to navigate through records;


First Record

Previous Record

Number of Record within Record-set

Next Record

Last Record

Filter Box

Search Box


Duplicate Record: Will replicate an exact copy of the Manual Handling risk assessment and allocate a unique and temporary reference ID. (see duplicate record for further details)


The tabs across the Manual Handling input form are split into logical groups of questions that would be asked during a Manual Handling  risk assessment.  The layout my change slightly from tab to tab but the principal is then same throughout.  Questions on the left, followed by a yes / no / na and blank response and any relevant comments.  Some questions may have check box yes / no responses only, the reason will be evident in such cases.


Tip: When in the yes / no / na field the response can be toggle between the 3 possible answers by


a) double clicking the mouse whilst hovering over the field,

b) pressing the space-bar whilst the field has the focus i.e is highlighted yellow.


Header Page Button:  Quickly return you to the header details page from any tab


Jump to Actions Button: Quickly takes you to the actions tab for entering any concerns found during the Manual Handling risk assessment


Back to Previous Button: Quickly returns you back to the tab you were working in when you clicked on the Jump to Actions Button.  This allows user to quickly flick between the findings page and the actions tab for easily entering concerns without losing their place within the Manual Handling input form.


Data entered into any fields in the Manual Handling assessment input pages is replicated into a professionally designed Manual Handling risk assessment report.


The Manual Handling risk assessment asks question to covers the following areas;


The Task

The Load

The Environment

The Individual

Other Factors


Further tabs are listed on the Manual Handling Introduction page

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