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TIRA offers users the facility to replicate entire risk assessments for all risk assessment types offered by the application.


The facility to be able to replicate an entire risk assessment will allow assessors to duplicate similar risk assessment activities and then make minor changes as necessary.  This makes TIRA an extremely efficient application for those with health and safety responsibilities to have in their toolbox.


Replicating a risk assessment is as simple as clicking on the duplicate button on the risk assessment input form.



Click OK to create a duplicate record.



Final chance to commit new record or abort...




New duplicate created



Assessors can create template risk assessments, which hold all the core assessment details and then use the duplicate button to quickly and efficiently create a new risk assessment which will be part populated.


The newly created risk assessment will be given a temporary Ref ID number. The user then has the option to re-number the assessment to match their own numbering convention or leave as is.

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