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To give those staff with health and safety responsibilities an efficient way in managing their risk assessment findings, TIRA offers 10 'self auditing' reports for each risk assessment type (excluding task inventory)


1.Assessments Review Dates (Include Not Required)

2.Assessments Review Dates (Exclude Not Required)

3.Assessments Overdue (Include Not Required)

4.Assessments Overdue (Exclude Not Required)

5.Assessments with Open Actions

6.Assessments with Open Actions - No Completion Date

7.Assessments with Open Actions - Not Allocated

8.Assessments with Open Actions - Brief Core Details

9.Indexes by Due Review

10.Indexes by Location and Due Review


This gives health and safety staff access to 90 reports design to assist risk assessment manager by risk assessment type.


Access to quick reports is via the risk assessments main input form ribbon.



User can select either print preview or report view (depending on their export requirements)



The bottom most option is to load all quick reports (this may take a few seconds to load)


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