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The risk assessment safety briefing reports form can be open via the main menu report's icon.  Not all organizations will choice to use this feature of TIRA, however it is there for those that want to keep all their risk assessment activity in one place, so to speak...


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Risk assessment briefing records can be interrogated by four different criteria, and then further by selecting brief or detailed contain;


Available options:


1.By Individual

2.By Location

3.By Grade

4.By Team


Most reports (2 to 4) can be further sorted by ref number or by name.


Risk assessment briefing records can be found under the paperwork menu icon:



This is an example of the By Grades Risk assessment briefing reports search form for the grade 'Engineer Lvl III'.



Clicking on the print preview button with the report options set as shown in the image above will produce the following risk assessment briefing log for the grade Engineer Lvl III.



As stated above there are many variations to the risk assessment briefing logs, currently there are at least 14.  One of the more popular reports is the briefs by individual, because it can neatly  be placed in an individual's safety training file.


The example below shows the risk assessment briefing for the Production Manager, Fred Haines. 


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