Print a Blank Risk Assessment

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Print a Blank Risk Assessment



To assist the risk assessor in completing their risk assessment activities, TIRA allows for blank assessments to be printed out.  Assessors can then use these as an aid memoir when undertaking the risk assessment at the point of activity.


The process is the same for what ever risk assessment module the user is working in.


On the ribbon menu users should select the Blank Report button, this brings up the blank assessment print menu form.  Users have the option to select which parts of the risk assessment they wish to print.


1.The Main Risk Assessment

2.Addendum Page A

3.Addendum Page B



Default option - preview blank risk assessment



Check to include Addendum question set A



Check to include Addendum question set B



Available options on the Print Preview Menu



In  Print Preview the user is offered several options;


Printer Menu - Select Printer

Default Printer - Quick Print

Page set-up - Adjust margins etc)

Zoom - Page view, 10 to 1000%

Single, Double and Multi-page views

Export to Pdf or Xps format (ideal for e-mailing)

Export to Text

Export to RTF (ideal of Word)

Export to XLS (excel, spreadsheet)

Export to XLM - Note only available in report view, will not wotk in print preview mode

Export to HTML format


Sample Report Print Review



Sample Addendum B Question Set


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