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Workplace Risk Assessment


Employers must provide a safe and healthy workplace and working environment for their employees. Factors such as workspace, lighting, ventilation, temperature, cleanliness, traffic routes, falls, building structures (i.e. drainage, windows and doors, etc.) and welfare facilities (i.e. toilets, wash-hand basins, changing accommodation) should all be taken into account.


There are no hard and fast rules as to how Risk Assessments should be carried out, as every organisation is different and may require a slightly different approach. It’s important that Risk Assessments are carried out systematically and all of the foreseeable risks considered.  The question set used by TIRA for workplace risk assessments is generic and should be suitable for most organisations.  Where organisations require to ask more specific workplace questions TIRA has the facility to allow user defined question sets to be produced.


Organisations need to control several factors affecting the general working environment to ensure compliance with their national health and safety legislation, some examples are given below:


Temperature (for workplaces where the activity is mainly sedentary, for example offices, the temperature should normally be at least 16C. If work involves physical effort it should be at least 13C (unless other national laws require lower temperatures).

Ventilation (workplace need to be adequately ventilated)

Lighting, including emergency lighting (lighting should be sufficient to enable people to work and move about safely)

Room dimensions and space (workrooms should have enough free space to allow people to move about with ease)

Waste disposal, including contaminated or hazardous waste. (cleaning and the removal of waste should be carried out as necessary by an effective method)

Provide and maintain safe access to and egress from the workplace and segregate pedestrian and vehicle movements wherever possible to avoid the risk of injury. (there should be sufficient traffic routes, of sufficient width and headroom, to allow people and vehicles to circulate safely with ease)

Ensure safe materials are used in glazed panels and windows and that maintenance and cleaning can be carried out in a safe manner.

Keep floors and walkways clean, and free from obstruction and slipping and tripping hazards.


Provide and maintain the following welfare facilities:


An adequate number of toilets for the gender mix at our premises

Washing, changing, and clothing storage facilities where appropriate

Rest areas, including arrangements for non smokers to avoid inhalation of smoke

Rest facilities for pregnant workers and nursing mothers.

Ensure the workplace, its equipment, services and facilities are maintained.


The following help pages will give you help and guidance of TIRA’s Workplace Risk Assessment Module.


1.Workplace Risk Assessment Input Form

2.Entering Risk Assessment Hazards Findings

3.Adding Risk Assessments Corrective Actions

4.Sign the Risk Assessment Off

5.Adding Risk Assessment Briefing Notes

6.Producing Lists of Staff Briefed on Risk Assessment Findings

7.Search and Find a Specific Risk Assessment

8.Select a Risk Assessment for Editing

9.Select and Print a Risk Assessment

10.Print a Blank Risk Assessment 

11.Risk Assessment Standard Reports Menu

12.Build your own Questions Sets - Addendum A & B 

13.Adding Attachments (Images and Pictures)

14.Adding Hyperlinks (E-mail and Web Addresses) 


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